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Conference Facilities

Conference Facilities

With the exception of informal dinners, the entire conference will take place on Georgia State University’s campus. For a PDF map of the campus, please click here: CAMPUS MAP

Saturday morning, the keynote and registration, coffee breaks, and lunches for the entire conference will take place in Classroom South (map marker #5) on the Fourth Floor.

On-Campus Parking

In general, parking on campus is usually free on the weekends. There are several options for parking, but the closest to the conference facilities is G Deck (map marker #32). You can only access G-Deck from Carolyn Street. Mention that you are going to the GSU Spring Conference, if stopped by parking attendants.

Further away in the center of campus is M Deck (map marker #54). M Deck is a pay-deck as it is the visitor parking for the university.

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